yuuki kikuchi(jojo)
yuuki kikuchi(jojo) draws pictures, too. Your support will be appreciated.
Draw mainly fashion and girls illustrations. I have naturally curly hair just like Afro and a face with a stubbly beard, but as for my illustrations, they are delicate, palely colored based on line drawing, with emphasis on lines drawn with a pencil. However,…
Born in 1986. Resident in Tochigi Prefecture. Draw fantastic and dark illustrations, usually using Photoshop.
Born in Tokyo. By the name of “me” two of us work as an artist for picture books and eraser stamps. Through picture books and illustrations we express the world of children which we forget after growing up, using simple tools such as crayons and colored pencils.
Illustrator living in Hyogo Prefecture. My specialty is an original fusion of an illustration drawn with a digital painting software and an illustration drawn in an analog method using watercolors. I draw mainly women who are frightening, fragile and seductive at the same t…
I am active in Tokyo, mainly drawing girls illustrations. I aim to make simple but impressive works.
I'm an asian colleage kid majouring animation and digital contents...typical.^^ I now work as a freelancer, and I would work with any one who would like to use visual art in means of telling a story that's worth hearing.
Audre Schantz/Musicaltree
Hi My name is Audre Schantz, I am an artist, illustrator, animator, and writer. I sometimes go by "musicaltree" online. My art is influenced by Japanese anime and manga, Disney and Dreamworks traditional animation, and my own style & cuteness. My art…
Illustrator. Born in Kanagawa Prefecture. Reside in Tokyo. I have been active as a freelance illustrator since 2009. I draw illustrations in various fields: book covers, book illustrations, and websites. My specialty is a colorful lyrical world drawn in watercolors.
Born May 4,1992 Ai, still a student attending college, majoring in digital media. She began digital art in October 2011, but been drawing for a while.
I aim at drawing such a picture as makes viewers open the window of their heart and feel something from it. I love uniforms.
森 霧矢
I have been active as an illustrator since around 2003. I make illustrations with special attention to colors and lighting depiction. I specially seek to draw characters with impressive and strong eyes. My specialty is mainly realistic illustrations of mythology and other myster…
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