Resident in Kanagawa Prefecture. Since 2008 I have been active as an illustrator. I draw a mysterious atmosphere which is a combination of something real and something unreal. I also draw beautiful but unique illustrations. I want to draw illustrations that stimulate imagination…
I have been drawing pictures since I was a small child. I draw mainly using pencils or color pencils. Sometimes I draw with watercolors and sometimes I draw CG pictures at my whims. I always draw a picture hoping that it will bring just a small storm to a viewer’s heart.
Participate in events and exhibitions in Tokyo. Aim to depict women’s attraction such as sexiness and gracefulness.
I worked for an advertising and publishing company as a web designer. Now I’m active as a freelance illustrator. I was introduced in OTACOOL4 WORLDWIDE ILLUSTRATORS by KOTOBUKIYA.
I started to draw pictures in my childhood. I’m interested in various genres and take in something from them in my pictures.
Born in Sapporo, Hokkaido. Now Reside in Tokyo. Started activities as a freelance illustrator in 2011. My specialty is to draw a dreamy and tempting girl who looks soft and sparkling.
Born on May 7, 1987. Graduating from a design college in Tokyo, I worked at a design office. Then, I moved to Kyoto and worked as an illustrator surrounded by many cultural assets. I was born in the Kanto region and grew up in Saitama Prefecture. I’m very much interested…
Born in Gifu Prefecture. Reside in Osaka. Birthday: March 17. Started activities as an illustrator in 2006. I draw on the themes of “being sweet,” “being attractive,” and “being unusual,” using bold lines and with the flamboyant color contrast. Now active in partici…
Born and living in Saitama Prefecture. Since I graduated from Asagaya College of Art and Design in 2008, I’ve worked as a car modeler in the design division of a car maker. Besides working, I devote myself to drawing pictures of mainly women, flowers and animals with…
藤家 大悟
Born and resident in Fukuoka Prefecture. Male. In 2004 I traveled around Japan by bicycle. After returning from the trip I started my activities as an illustrator. My specialty is drawing a landscape painting with a motif of bicycles using Illustrator, an…
After graduating from a graphic design specialist school, I joined a design company. I have been focusing on drawing girls who are colorful, cute and would instantly cheer you up at a glance.
Resident in Kanagawa Prefecture. I started activities as a freelance illustrator in 2009. I draw girls who are not only cute but also attractive as mature women while being conscious of women who have bright eyes and a strong will. At present I draw illustrations, make mate…
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