I grew in the countryside of Osaka. After working as a web designer I became a freelance illustrator in April 2011. I draw illustrations of flowers, forests, and animals for textile design, book covers, and CD jackets. I hope to draw an illustration that is natu…
Nana Avarock
I draw rock and cool illustrations and sweet and cute illustrations mainly with a motif of girls, cats, sweets, and skulls. I have accepted a lot of orders for cute illustrations. The range of my activities is wide enough to cover from a character and a portrait to a…
After experiencing designing various items, such as an arcade, a consumer game, a Pachinko game, POP, mobile phone websites, and contents, I started my personal activities in the hope of producing my own characters. I deal with illustrations and goods…
Reside in Tokyo. Started activities as an illustrator in 2010 with a main concept of “not only sexy and sweet but also nasty and saucy girls.” I draw a wide range of illustrations from illustrations for the teenagers to lovely illustrations for adults, using mainly acryl gou…
Tokyo-based illustrator. I draw illustrations that have both male strength and female tenderness, sometimes aggressive and sometimes cheerful and gorgeous. I became a freelance illustrator in 2011. I have produced a lot of commercial illustrations mainly through design of ga…
I draw colorful, cute and pop illustrations, mainly animal characters. I aim to produce an illustration that conveys a happy view of the world straight everyone can easily understand.
I'm an illustrator from Gifu. I am active mainly on contents for women. Participating works "Touken Ranbu" and others.
Born in 1982. Reside in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture. I draw illustrations in vermilion only. Exhibit my work mainly at websites.
Ai Terazaki
Born and living in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture. I used Kazeko Yukiyanagi as my pen name up to 2010. I love colorful, retro, POP, and rock tastes. My works have been much influenced by music. I draw an attractively colored world with ennui and nostalgia.
Living in Tokyo. I started activities as an illustrator in 2010. Using Illustrator, I draw mainly lively girls. I try to give a simple and stylish taste in my works.
Born on June 19, 1987. I use watercolors and color pencils as painting materials. As I work as a nursery teacher, I draw children’s world and their sense of values. I also like to express them in picture books. I have been active in participating in exhibitions and art e…
Living in Tochigi Prefecture. I draw mainly illustrations of Asian taste or fantastic illustrations.
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