Illustrator. I recently create illustrations for CD jackets and image illustrations. I make pop, cute and sometimes dark illustrations which can be easily recognized as my works.
Born in Tokyo in 1986. In 2010 when I was a student of a college, I started activities as an artist. Currently I show my work mainly at events including Design Festa and other exhibitions. Characteristics of my illustrations are big eyes, long arms and legs, and a lo…
Born in Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture. I usually draw cartoons for commercial magazines. My hobby is seeing modern architecture. As I spend most of my time on working as a cartoonist, I can’t spare much time for drawing an illustration at present. I hope to draw more…
Living in Kagoshima Prefecture. I draw mainly characters.
横尾 飛鳥
Born in 1982. Illustrator living in Osaka. Started activities as an illustrator in March 2010. I draw mainly pop and cute girls illustrations: girls sparkling in colorful and bright tone. Currently I work on a poster, a flyer, a cut, an image for a website, etc.
Born in 1975. Living in Shimane Prefecture. I create website designs and illustrations on a freelance base. I cannot get along without music and manga.
Born in Hyogo Prefecture and now living in Ibaraki Prefecture. Birthday: October 19. Graduated from Kobe Design University. I have been spending most of my time drawing pictures since my childhood, and after graduating from a university I started activities as an illustrato…
Shiro Shio
While producing mainly cartoons, I design CD jackets and draw illustrations for books. I try to draw based on ideas obtained through contacting nature and creatures, my imagination, and my feelings or state of mind of the day.
After graduating from School of Law, Kinki University, I worked as a designer of dresses and accessories, and also as a buyer of jewels and top-brand articles for a major retailer. Now I have started my art activities earnestly since 2008. I draw illustrations becaus…
Active as a freelance creator. At present I mainly design characters for games, draw illustrations for cards, and do book-related jobs.
吉田 暁
Besides Japanese beauties illustrations and girls illustrations, I make greeting cards of flash animation.
Girls need dignity and fascination. Characters need prettiness. Started activities as an illustrator in 2003. See my website for the details.
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