Born on July 9, 1988. I’m active as an illustrator and graphic designer, drawing mainly girls illustrations. I draw on the concept of “clear and delicate pictures,” combining an analog method, such as using a ball-point pen and watercolors, and a digital meth…
I have loved drawing pictures since my childhood, and after growing up, I have been imagining a lot to myself in my mind. I have been a designer by profession since my early 20s. I got married three years ago, and now I have a child. Recently I have been enjoying the…
Resident in Tokyo. Graduated from a design college. Active as a freelance illustrator. I started to participate in group exhibitions in 2010. I draw pop, cute and colorful girls illustrations. Member of an illustrators unit named “pRizmagiC” formed in 2011.
I draw illustrations on the theme of being cute, beautiful, and healing.
I draw illustrations using transparent watercolors on the theme of a spiritual world. I have been active as an illustrator since 2008. I wish to express a fascinating world.
筒井 由紀
I have devoted all my energies to creating activities with paper, pencils, and scissors since my childhood. After graduating from Kyushu Designer Gakuin, Illustration Course, I worked as a MAC operator and improved my skills. I became freelance at the age of 30&#…
I'm an illustrator who likes Japanese style. I am studying every day to express a glamorous world view. We also design smartphone and PC wallpapers. We accept orders for illustrations.
I am working to express the secret of this world behind the commonplace moment, through the execution of EB-ART(Electron Beam Art)、CG-ART(Computer Graphics Art), MINIATURE and POETRY.
Living in Oita Prefecture. Birthday: May 7 Character designer and illustrator. After working as a graphic designer for games and DTP display designer, I became freelance in 2011 and took to real activities as a freelance illustrator. I create an original fantastic world by d…
After graduating from a university I entered a design college in Tokyo. While I get jobs through the connections I formed at the college, I participate in public exhibitions and group exhibitions through a local painting circle. I have been active in improving my skills of d…
Born and resident in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture. I draw mainly women in a stylish way. I show my works and sell their goods at websites for supporting creators, exhibitions and events held in the Kansai and Kanto regions.
I draw what I want to draw as a hobby. The tool used is Adobe illustrator. thank you.
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