Illustrator living in Oita Prefecture. I draw mainly animal characters for cell phone contents and templates for printing materials. Web site: Twitter:
Graphic designer and illustrator based in Tokyo and Yokohama. I draw digital illustrations using mainly Illustrator and Photoshop. When I occasionally draw in an analog way, I use pastels or acrylic colors. My specialty is drawing cute illustrations and fantastic illustratio…
二宮 れの
I draw digital illustrations dealing with feathers and rainbows, which give a feeling of transparency and fantasy.
Resident in Tokyo. I have drawn illustrations for book covers, illustration books and cell phone contents. I never title my pictures with “no title.” Because I have something in mind to appeal to you whenever I draw a picture. I aim to draw pictures which can appeal to the …
Resident in Kyoto. I’m studying oil painting as my specialty. I draw illustrations, paying much attention to the sublime.
Born on September 4, 1989 in Kyoto. Living in Kyoto. I draw illustrations on the theme of “feelings hidden in a girl’s heart.” My specialty is sexy and POP girls illustrations. Active in exhibiting my works and offering my works to websites and ads.
Living in Gifu Prefecture. Designer and illustrator. Recently I have planned small-scale exhibitions. My Activities: - Created an illustration for the front page of “+C,” a monthly web magazine published by CCN, for two years. - My group was awarded the third prize in t…
I love girls and animals. I like drawing pictures.
城台 宏典
I started to create photo collage using photographs I took myself in the middle of 2010. All my works exhibited so far are completely original ones using only the photos I took myself. With a sense of unity and beautiful coloring my work looks as if it is a painting because it h…
Born and resident in Fukushima Prefecture. While studying painting by myself, I started to do activities as Illustrator around 2007. I mainly create Japanese-style or retro-modern girls illustrations.
Born in Hokkaido in 1989 and resident in Hokkaido. Since graduating from high school, I have painted pictures as a hobby while working in a service trade. I aim at drawing pictures through a good combination of my imagination and expressive skill.
Born in 1989. Living in Tokyo. Illustrator and designer. I started to draw illustrations when I was a high school student, and then graduated from a design school. While working as a freelance illustrator, I worked as a part-time DTP designer for three years. I’m active…
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