I have been active as a freelance illustrator since 2008. I draw illustrations aimed at women and children. My specialty is an illustration with a soft touch that gives a feeling of being drawn in watercolor or by hand.
Born on September 30, 1985. Reside in Aichi Prefecture. Influenced by the cartoon animation I had enjoyed since my childhood, I started to draw illustrations. After touring the provinces in Japan where I sold illustrated postcards I made on the street or to my acquaintan…
華月 レミイ
Owing to my character of chasing a dream and love of fantasy games since my childhood, I have drawn a lot of fantastic worlds, such as fantasies and fairy tales. My favorite and specialty is to draw girls and women. I hope to continue drawing illustrations that make vie…
I draw mainly portraits on the theme of “fusion of realism and abstractionism.”
Born in 1980. Resident in Tokyo. After working for a comic production company and a web production company, I became a freelance illustrator in 2008. Have an office in Yoyogi. I take on production in various genres: illustrations, websites, Flash, the comic,…
Born in 1991. Living in Kanagawa Prefecture. Influenced mainly by street culture and Japanese culture, at present I draw creative illustrations using some of collage and typography technique.
Honda Shinichi
Work for a production company as a graphic designer. I started activities as a designer and illustrator in 2006. While working as a graphic designer, in 2010 I started to draw fashion illustrations as an illustrator after changing my style to hand-drawing with a brush. I wo…
Born on May 11, 1989. Resident in Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture. After graduating from high school, I worked for a production company of mobile phone contents. Then I became a freelance illustrator. I draw sharp and attractive women with unique painting of waterc…
Illustrator and web designer. I draw girls illustrations on the theme of “Always Pursuing Something Cute.” I also draw illustrations for books, create various websites, produce interface for social applications, and design characters.
Illustrator active mainly in the Kansai district. Every day I’m trying my best with a motto to create a bright-colored and lovely picture which every viewer cannot stop watching.
I draw mainly girls and flowers on the theme of being “beautiful and vigorous.” The girls in my work are the result of my effort to reproduce analog lines using Illustrator.
I draw vivid pictures of people.
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